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Pop up book with connectors in Cinema 4D

Just watched another great tutorial today from Robert Leger over at Motioneers about how to rig a pop up book using a mixture of joints and Xpresso.

It seemed like it should be equally possible to achieve the effect using connectors, so I fired up Cinema 4D and had a go.

The set up is very simple:

  • 4 polygon objects
  • 4 hinge connectors
  • A user data slider in the HUD to control the rotation of the front cover

As long as you take care when placing the connectors everything works pretty much as expected.

A few things to watch out for:

  • As the front cover is the animated part, the dynamics tag on the back cover is set to be a collision object ie. Dynamic Off
  • Because the front cover is controlled by keyframed animation it is necessary to go to the ‘Force’ tab of each Dynamics tag and set both “Follow Position’ and ‘Follow Rotation’ to 100 — allowing the keyframed animation to override the dynamics
  • If you are getting unwanted intersections or jittering go to the project dynamics settings (ctrl or cmd D) and try increasing the ‘Steps per frame’ and ‘Maximum solver iterations per step’
  • The book never animates completely flat — perhaps the dynamics solver can’t find a solution when every object occupies the same plane

To add content to the flaps just parent your objects to the pages.

Nothing more to say really — download the file and have a play :)

Sample file

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